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The Life and Times of The Centre Page

The Centre Page The Centre Page The Centre Page

Formerly known as

‘The Horn Tavern’
‘The Horn Coffee House’
‘The Bugell.


The earliest mention of the
‘The Horn’ in reference books dates back to 1660`s.

Where it was mentioned as a “roadside Inn” in as early as 1667, however Samuel Pepys wrote about the Horn Tavern in The Complete diary of Samuel Pepys, dated 13th April 1663


He wrote;

‘And so I called at the wardrobe on my way home, and there spoke at the Horn Tavern with Mr Moore a word or two’


The Horn Tavern or Coffee house was again mentioned as a place where the Freemasons or the “Free & Easy under the Rose” Society as it was known then held there lodge meetings, the earliest recorded meeting was dated 1754.

The most famous of all references

Would have to be from the late “Charles Dickens” The Horn Coffee House as was referred to by Dickens, was mentioned in Pickwick Papers;


When his friends Winkle, Snodgrass and Tupman visited Mr Pickwick in the fleet Prison, they ordered a “bottle or two of very good wine, for which a messenger was dispatched to the Horn coffee house.

In recent years

The Centre Page has been visited by a descendant of Charles Dickens, whom is part of the “Charles Dickens Society” In the 1800`s there are documents from “The Old Bailey” showing that the The Horn Tavern was a place of which a crime had been committed, the following trial records can be found online in full at The old bailey proceedings online;

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey t18090626-8


Crime(s) theft; simple grand larceny Trials on 26th Jun 1809 Name search for MARY BATES

Crime Location: The horn tavern by st.pauls

Original text

The Horn was partially destroyed by the Great Fire of London, rebuilt then survived the Blitz. After a threat of demolition in 1967 a campaign was formed and the decision was upheld to keep one of the oldest surviving Alehouses of London. It is also said that “Guy Falkes” had many a meeting within the cellar walls of the then “Horn Coffee House”

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Firefighter’s Parade

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